Viking Pro

Introducing Viking Pro hand held therapeutic fascia massage gun. It's prominent features include a powerful quiet motor, a wide triangular handle for comfort and extended reach and a dynamic deep head performance to give maximum relief. Use when you're exhausted, feeling achy, experiencing muscle pain or if you need to circulate your blood.

The Viking Pro feels as light as a feather but performs as tough as a Viking. You could hold it with one finger without feeling pressure or gravity. This helps if you have arthritis or problems gripping or squeezing. Take it anywhere and everywhere. It's your new best friend and massage therapist.

Why You Should Choose Us

The Viking Pro is an excellent choice for massage therapy on the go. Because of its compact size and light weight it's ideal for self healing. It's just over 1lb. so holding it won't contribute to any additional tension or stress to your body. Not only does it deliver a powerful deep fascia massage but the size allows you to put it in your bag and use it anywhere; the park, at work, the gym, after yoga class, sitting in a cafe or on a plane.

  • Relieves Pain & Spasms

  • Loosens Connective Tissue & Facsia

  • Reduces Lactid Acid In Muscles

  • Increases Joint Range & Motion

  • Eliminates Muscle Fatigue

  • Helps Fluid Flow In Swollen Areas


    The Viking Pro is durable and extremely light weight at 1.41 lbs. It comes with 8 head accessories and goes up to 32 speeds.


    The Viking Pro is a noiseless powerful fascia massage gun that relieves muscle aches, circulates blood and gives an overall feeling of comfort and relief.


    The Viking Pro delivers a fast powerful deep tissue massage of up to 6 hours and comes with a type C- charging cable.

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